Atheltic Development

neurontin buy topamax 200 mg Are you ready to take your game on the field to a new level? Are you looking to get that extra step on opponents? Want to jump higher, run faster, or ride smoother? Welcome to the start of your new athletic body.

Kent is USA-Weightlifting Certified as a Level One Sports Performance Coach.  He uses Olympic Lifting to help develop strength and fitness in his athletes.

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Sport Specific

A pivotal part of our Athletics Program is weight lifting.  Each sport is different and we recognize this. Specific sports demand specific weight training and this is what we deliver. We have worked with athletes that are mountain bikers, football players, and track and field runners.

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Conditioning for sport and life

Accompanying weight lifting in our programs is conditioning.  We use proven methods to get our athletes into shape before the season starts so they are ready to dominate the competition.

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Are you ready?

Attend one of our strength classes for athletes to learn more.  Bring your teammates so you are all on the same page when it comes to pre- and in-season workouts and practices.  You can do it. Let us help you become the dominant force you were destined to be.