Nutrition can be such a bear…

We get it, nutrition can be such a pain to deal with, and track, and think about. Let us help you with all of that.

Kent is a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, and is looking to help you get on track with basic life-style tweaks, and food suggestions, that won’t drive you crazy like the usual “Diet”. This is not a meal-plan, or nutrition plan, but rather a holistic approach to your habits, life, and relationship with food.

Maxine is a NASM-Certified Nutrition Coach who works holistically with her clients to not only better their lives, but also their relationship with food and themselves. She works to meet people where they are at on their journeys, and help them not be hard on themselves. Positivity is a must to work with her.

It’s deeper than just “stressed” eating. There are a lot more things at play when it comes to getting the good stuff in your diet, and we know that there are always roadblocks that can be overcome if we just take small actions that add up. Just like our motto, we want you to Conquer Your Mountains in all aspects of health, and this is a major one! It’s not about perfection, but rather an understanding of what’s an easy substitute to junk food. (Don’t worry, we still love cookies, too.)

If you’re interested in learning more about how to start this journey, fill out the form below to get started. Space is limited, so when it’s full, it’s full. Take the step towards a new base camp on your mountain range. You deserve it.