clgen-casino-it Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and also other information regarding training and classes.

What’s your class cancellation policy? To avoid late cancellation, class participants have up until 3 hours before class to cancel. Anything after that window is considered a late cancellation and client will forfeit a single class pass from their pack.

What is your Personal Training cancellation policy?

Muskogee Clients must notify trainer of cancellation within 12 hours of scheduled session. If not, the missed session will be charged to client, or taken off of clients personal training pack. If you pay session-by-session, you may lose the ability to schedule future sessions. This is our livelihood and we take attendance very seriously. Tangerang Not making sessions regularly may also lead to losing scheduling abilities.

What if I am running late to my session?

If you are running more than 15 minutes late, the trainer may cancel session and client will be charged or session taken off of their personal training pack. Please give us a heads up if you will be late.